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The Amish people in Crittenden County have four local church districts. A church district is a group of about 30 families usually living close together.

Overview . Core Beliefs. 1.1 Do Beachy Amish-Mennonites believe that a person is saved only through the forgiveness that Jesus Christ provided through his death & resurrection?

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A Amish woman answers questions about the Amish culture.

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Q: Do the colors of the dresses that Amish women wear have specific meanings?-Barb S., Eugene, Ore. A: Black is worn at communion and funerals.

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The Amish: Practices of various groups. Church organization: The Amish adopted a congregational organization. Each congregation is independent and …

5 Ways Amish Women Differ From Non-Amish Women. 1. Career Takes a Backseat to Family. This is not to say Amish women don’t have occupations or don’t work hard.

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Female Amish roles have in fact evolved as Amish have moved from agriculture to entrepreneurship and day labor.. In recent times, with Amish men spending more time away from home in non-Amish working environments, Amish women may be taking on a more traditional role of housewife.

The Amish way of life and culture explained. Read about the Plain People, their way of life; funerals, weddings, colleges, traditions.