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The Best Sex Positions For Every Stage Of Your Life. Because there’s no reason you and your partner can’t be intimate as you grow older.

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Swedish designer brand and the world’s leading provider of intimate lifestyle products, covering bedroom accessories, high-quality pleasure …

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The main condition for the face to face sex positions presupposes that the partner’s faces have to be in one plane, in other words – they have to face each other.

*To preface the title – the most intimate thing I’ve ever done, but you might think it’s super weird, or you might just agree;) On our honeymoon, I had this crazy idea…

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Irrumatio is a form of oral sex where a man thrusts his penis into someone else’s mouth; in contrast to fellatio, where the penis is being actively orally excited by a fellator.

The Lotus sex position is a really intimate one and is sometimes known as the Lotus Blossom position. While it requires a little bit of flexibility and …

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The Groom of the Stool (formally styled: “Groom of the King’s Close Stool”) was the most intimate of an English monarch’s courtiers, responsible for assisting the king in excretion and ablution.

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The most nerve-racking sexual position has been revealed. Known as ’69 standing up’, it involves picking up your partner, or being picked up, while performing oral sex.

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The producers of the live orchestra performance phenomenon Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY are proud to announce an intimate …