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BBCOR Bats are built with a minus 3 ounce Length-to-Weight ratio, along with a 2 5/8 inches diameter bat barrel; each bat is produced from one or combinations of alumium & carbon fiber composites.

Louisville Slugger 2017 Omaha 517 -3 Adult Baseball Bat (BBCOR) For more than a decade, Louisville Sluggers Omaha 517 has performed at a high level, in the hands of the worlds top players.

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We start our guide by providing you with reviews of the top 5 best bbcor bats 2018. It shouldn’t be hard for you to choose a baseball bat that suits your

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What Advantages do composite baseball bats have over aluminum baseball bats? And are they worth the extra cost? Composite bats do offer distinct advantages to aluminum bats but they will certainly have a shorter life as …

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Nonetheless, this is an amazing baseball bat that I would get. I recommend this bat for players that have some experience in high college baseball.

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This Bat Resource Guide will help you through the process of finding, selecting, and caring for your bat

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Every inch of this bat was engineered to be the allow it to be the “bat of the future”. Louisville Slugger knows what it’s consumers and players are looking for in equipment and by being aware of those factors have created the Louisville Slugger Prime 918 BBCOR Baseball Bat.

Easton 2018 X Hyperlite -12 USA Baseball Bat (2 1/4″) As the #1 Bat in Youth Baseball, you can trust and expect that Easton will deliver the best performing bats in the game, and the 2018 X is no exception.

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Regulations. Two things to know… In the world of baseball, an “adult” is considered someone who is at least 13 years of age. You should also know that BBCOR certification is the current standard used when making adult (13 years and older) baseball bats.

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